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Performance work/Commissions:

‘Apparition Apparition’ duet performance

- Commissioned for Venice Biennale performance programme. Curated by Ralph Rudolph & Delfina Foundation

'Apparition Acts' (2020)

- Presented at Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome as part of group show 'Dancing at the Edge of the World' curated by Marcelle Joseph.

London Contemporary Dance School Graduation commission (2019)

- Group work on 3rd year students at The Place (LCDS) Invited by Martin Hargreaves. Alongside works by Holly Blakey, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Samir Kennedy 

‘Slug Horizons’ duet performance (2017- 2019)

- NottDance 2019, presented at Nottingham Contemporary, 2019

- CCA Glasgow for ‘Present Futures’ 2019, curated by Collette Sadler

- London Contemporary Music Festival 18, Ambika P3
- The Place for ‘Splayed: Disruptive Femininities’ curated by Amy Bell
- ‘My Wild Flag’ Stockholm, 2018
- PS/Y’s ‘Hysteria’ programme 2017


‘Kneading Paradise’ group work

- commissioned by Crac Occitanie, Séte, France curated by Tara Londi. Involving 8 performers rotating over a 2 hour period

Other iterations and extracts:
- 'Garden Holes and symbiotic propositions', at La Becque Switzerland for Modern Nature festival, 2019

- ‘Scissoring at Hayward’ Hayward Gallery 50th Anniversary event curated by Vincent Honoré
- ‘Move Close’ club night for ArtNight 19

- ‘Femmetopia’ at VFD, club night 2018



- ‘Post dance’ symposium at Tate Modern, curated by Block Universe, 2019
- Performance symposium at Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University, 2018

- Roundtable at Royal Academy of Art, ‘Friendship, Attraction, Collaboration: performing intimacies’ curated by Sara Sassanelli, 2017


- ‘Queer and Now’ movement workshop, Tate Britain, 2018

- week long intensive with students from The Place 2018

- Vulva painting workshop for female identifying/ non- binary people, part of PS/Y’s ‘Hysteria’ programme

- Scissoring into action’ at My Wild Flag Stockholm, 2018

Publications and Press:

- Crack Magazine, 'The radical moves of London's dance community' feature 2019
- Art in America review of Apparition Apparition by Elizabeth Fullerton, 2019
- Nowness, 2019, Fantasy Series Ep01, 2019

- Orlando ‘Beyond The Body’ Issue, 2019

- ‘Faculty of Action’ Catalogue, Stockholm, 2018

- ENTKUNSTUNG Berlin, 2018



- The Place, 2019

- Kinitiras, Athens, 2018
- Lake Studios Berlin, 2017

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